Everything in one place

Consolidate your business tech

Simplify your ICT, WiFi, and Voice technology into one solution from one accountable provider.

We provide a single source of effective, comprehensive business technology to suit any industry requirements for significantly less than seeking out individual providers/purchasing or renting items individually.

One support contact makes your tech easier to use and more efficient to manage. Never be given the run-around by multiple providers as to who the burden lies with. The buck stops here.

Transparent subscription pricing

Have the latest and greatest for a fixed monthly cost

Our simple monthly payment plan ensures that you can accurately forecast your ICT expenditure, allowing you to channel greater resource into growing your business.

Pay for your tech as you use it and improve your cash flow, relying on one single bill for everything technical in your business.

Proactive, not reactive

Always here when you need us most

We pride ourselves on supplying technology that just works. In the rare event that it doesn’t, we make support a totally human experience, not a virtual one. We’ll ensure you’ll never play another (losing) game of support ping pong again!

First level support is performed directly by certified engineers, with context and knowledge of your industry and specific solution. Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have customers throughout Australasia and it is our duty to ensure high availability of access and service to all of our users, all of the time.

Multi-disciplinary team

Every day we wear multiple hats

Our dedicated, multi-talented team brings together decades of experience across the spectrum of ICT Managed Services.

We harness tried and tested technology, and apply expertise to find new opportunities to help you improve productivity and financial performance.

Our team’s skills go beyond just products – a multitude of experts can consult on tricky setups, multi-site installations and infrastructure projects.

As safe as houses

Sleep peacefully knowing your data isn’t going anywhere

By building our data centres from the ground up, using only the highest quality, proven technologies, we have created a facility that ensures military level ‘mission critical’ up-time and redundancy. This means reliability that you can bank on.

All data, whether it be documents, security footage, telephone recordings or hosted applications is secure and accessible at all times. In fact, we guarantee 99.97% up-time to keep your business running at full strength.

Jargon is for jerks

Keeping IT simple

We understand your business and workflow first before making recommendations or providing costs. Our team wants to ensure whatever technology or support solution we recommend is the right fit for your business needs, and always fully comprehendible by those involved in the decision making process.

Our solutions are always presented in a manner in which you can clearly see how they will improve ROI. We will show you this data to aid in making decisions.

Flexible and Scalable

Technology that grows with you

We help you respond to the changing needs of your business. As your organisation grows, the last thing you need to be worrying about is scaling your systems.

If you are opening a new branch office, rather than configure a whole new IT or Phone system, simply add new users and your new office can be fully operational immediately.

We make growth (or downscaling) a painless process; any changes to your immediate needs can be handled for limited cost.

SME experts

We understand small business (and how to help you grow)

For small businesses, it's often difficult to stay current with the rapidly changing technology curve, and we strive to make that challenge manageable while providing an affordable service.

It is important to us to communicate with clients and balance the changes of the technology curve with budget and practicality. This balance strengthens our clients’ ability to stay ‘cutting edge’ and success is measurable through cost savings and increased productivity.