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Solutions for your Space

Driving intelligence into businesses by empowering traditional
venues with data to increase revenues.

Our Growing List of Customers

Closing the Gap on Consumer Engagement

Create on-site digital experiences to drive consumer engagement, analytics, and revenue

WiFi Hotspot

Maximize free WiFi in your venue, grow your database, and gather customer demographics to increase your sales.

Digital Marketing

Ensure effective marketing through targeted and automated campaigns by reaching users in physical & local venues.

WiFi Monetization

Increase revenue and brand loyalty by utilizing your WiFi investment to create satisfying consumer experiences.

Delivering Experiences for Any Location

Spark meaningful connections through our on-site digital solutions


Hotels, Resorts, Coffee Shops
and Restaurants

Update and reward venue guests to increase repeat sales


Airports, Buses, Trains, Taxis,
and Ferries

Improve travelling experience by providing transport information


Museums, Libraries, Universities
and Colleges

Send circulations and announcements digitally


Malls, Shopping Centers
and Multi-Site Chains

Grow revenue through in-store upselling activities for shoppers


Public Spaces, Cultural Zones,
and Entertainment Hubs

Enhance public navigation and security with relevant analytics


Festivals, Conferences, Shows
and Custom Builds

Engage goers with event news and promotions

Board Charter

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Steffen Faurby, CEO, Harbour City Ferries

“We are pleased with the partnership with Tomizone which gives us a viable opportunity to provide a free and very reliable Wi-Fi service to our 15 million ferry customers.”

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