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Opt for a no-obligation month-to-month account, or sign up to a long-term plan for better deals on service pricing, hardware, and installation. No commitment, no hidden costs and no disappointment.

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Spend less to get yourself going, enjoy minimal costs when you want to grow. All you need is high-speed internet to get your business VoIP service started.

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The larger your organisation, the more flexible we can be with our standard pricing plans. We work with SMEs, Enterprise and multi-site offices.


Need a wireless or conference phone? A toll-free (0800) number? Faxes sent to an email address? We can help you configure a plan suited to your unique needs. You’re not limited in any way.

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A TomiTalk user refers to the person who will use the phone. A user is always connected to a billable device, which can include a desktop VoIP phone, a smartphone app, or a softphone on a computer or tablet. TomiTalk Hosted VoIP from Tomizone provides organizations with an Enterprise Class hosted phone system customized to fit their needs. Our service is a fully-managed, cloud-based system, offering the convenience of an online IP-based telecommunications system. Service quality may be affected by your internal network and Internet connection. We recommend that your business has a Tomizone compatible router/switch available for VoIP usage. Cabling and any on-site installation or training is not included. Our systems are “plug & play” and are designed to be provisioned off-site. All prices exclude GST.

40+ features you need to succeed.
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All the functionality, reliability and mobility you expect, plus real-time analytics to make better decisions. TomiTalk gives your business advanced features from day one without any added costs.

We make it easier to turn any location into a workplace, to connect with your customers, and of course, reduce your current expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Conditions

Route incoming calls to different destinations depending on call time

Call Queues

Assign incoming calls to a staff group based on a predetermined pattern

Find Me/Follow Me

Send incoming calls to all of your devices at once, or sequentially

Auto Receptionist

Automated voice menu allowing callers to be transferred to a team or specific extension

Ring Groups

Multiple phones ring when one extension or number is dialed

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail notifications & recordings in your email inbox

How much can you save me?

Based on your current configuration, you could save up to 50% on your current bill.

Tomizone offer a full audit and cost analysis service free of charge. Just send us your phone bill and we will send you back a full breakdown of that bill as well as a comparison if you switched to TomiTalk.

What if your plans don't suit my requirements?

Don’t worry – we don’t like putting businesses into boxes. We’re happy to tailor a plan unique to your specific requirements.

Don’t want to purchase phones? Talk to us about our PC and mobile softphones, compatible with a wide range of headsets. The more users you have, the more flexibility we can offer with our pricing plans.

How reliable is TomiTalk VoIP? Is it high quality?

TomiTalk was developed with redundancy in-mind, and includes several built-in methods to ensure adherence to our stringent call quality and uptime standards.

Your VoIP connection is monitored 24 hours a day, and if it fails for any reason, our engineers are notified automatically. Our Tomizone enterprise-grade routers and switches are designed for the challenges of VoIP traffic, and allow us to remotely connect should something go wrong. If your internet connection fails for any reason, our system will automatically divert your calls to a nominated mobile number so you don’t miss any calls.

VoIP reliability heavily depends on the data network and internet speeds that deliver the service to your business. Slow Internet connections and network congestion can quickly degrade the audio quality as well as result in dropped calls, missed connections or other issues. It is for this reason that we will always recommend a dedicated data service to guarantee optimal call quality. If you run a business where your phone system is absolutely mission-critical, having a dedicated data service for VoIP ensures that your voice traffic isn’t shared with other web traffic, large downloads and sneaky YouTube video streaming.

What's included in your plans?

Our plans include everything you need to get up and running immediately. If you have an existing phone system, you probably won’t require any cabling, but you may need to factor in an additional cost if cabling is required. We also may need to supply a router and PoE switch depending on your existing configuration.

We don’t believe in bundling thousands of minutes that you probably won’t use and pay for.  By separating call costs from our plans, we keep costs down for our users, while offering an extremely competitive call rate structure.

Can I use my Mobile Phone or Desktop PC with TomiTalk?

Yes, TomiTalk makes it possible to use software phones (softphones) instead of, or in addition to, physical desk phones. You can download our softphone app to receive all of your work calls, and your outbound calls will appear with your professional caller ID.
Wondering about quality on mobile? It depends on your mobile network. VoIP over WiFi can deliver excellent call quality — if you have excellent WiFi. In addition, VoIP over a strong 4G signal on a mobile network can also deliver reliable HD voice.

How easy is it to switch to Tomizone?

Very. We handle the complete migration process so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our team will capture your current call handling & routing scenario, and provide options for optimising workflow. We’ll recommend the calling plan to best meet your needs and seamlessly transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider. We’ll then conduct training with key personnel to ensure you can take full advantage of TomiTalk’s powerful feature set.

I'm currently with another provider. Can I still switch to Tomizone?

Even if you are in a contract with your existing provider, we can still help to reduce your costs. The best thing to do is to let one of our consultants have a look at your monthly statement and recommend the best course of action.

Can each member of my staff have a different plan?

Yes, of course. You may have ten users in your office and the majority would be suited to our Premium plan, but your sales team may require the mobility features of the Enterprise plan. Additionally, a manager may require a more advanced handset, the ability to view call analytics, listen to recordings and administer call queues and ring groups. You are free to change between plans whenever you like.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

We recommend UFB (Fibre) or VDSL to take full advantage of our services. Most broadband connections are ok, however, unmanaged consumer grade ADSL is not ideal and may cause call quality issues. We will always recommend a dedicated data service for VoIP to guarantee desired call quality.

What other things should I consider?

When researching phone system solutions, start by listing key points regarding your needs:

  • Number of employees?
  • Number of phones you anticipate?
  • Number of conference phones you anticipate?
  • Need to transfer/port phone number(s) or purchase?
  • Current phone usage (inbound/outbound minutes)?
  • All employees have broadband Internet access?
  • Must-have phone system features: e.g. voicemail, auto attendant, ring routing, business-hour rules, call detail records, etc.
  • Must-have collaboration features: e.g. conference calling
  • Must-have call center features: e.g. automatic call distribution queues, real-time dashboard, call recording

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