Protect Your Businesses Data

Data Security Solutions

No business is immune to the threat of a data breach or cyber attack. But with Tomizone by your side, you’re definitely battle ready.

As part of our service we equip each of your users with a super-powered set of security applications to keep them (and your business) protected.

We partner with Sophos, a long-established, industry-leading security software and hardware company. With its state-of-the-art Intercept X endpoint protection and threat analysis tools, your business protected at all times.
We have identified Sophos as best-in-class in an environment of increasing threats. Our team includes Sophos Certified Engineers, Architects and Sales Consultants who can fully support and specify Sophos hardware and software.


Don’t let hackers illegally use your resources for cryptomining. Infecting your devices, these crooks secretly install there malicious malware and then move laterally across your network. The result is a slow network and a soaring electricity bill.

Email Security

77% of spam email contains a malicious file, so your more likely then not receiving a daily phishing attack. We protect your business from these unwanted threats using industry-leading artificial intelligence email security software.


Millions of computers are hacked and stolen every year; many of them containing important and sensitive data. Full disk encryption software is an essential line of defense that protects your data in these events, and we give you the ability to manage this from a single, web-based management center.

Mobile Hacking Protection

With the number of data breaches involving mobile devices doubling year on year, securing and managing your mobile devices is a concern for you. Our fully-fledged mobility-management solution is a one-stop shop to prevent these attacks.


93% of data breaches include a phishing email, most of which have led to massive financial losses and server malware infections. Our industry-leading software allows you to mange all your anti-phishing protection through a single console.


54% of organisations have been hit by ransomware in the last year. This malicious malware often extorts money from businesses by encrypting their files. Our software has deep learning malware detection to stop you becoming a victim to these attackers.