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Maximize revenue potential for your WiFi Hotspot with Parbou, our WiFi Advertising Network. It’s a smarter, targeted, measurable and efficient way of reaching out to your customers.

How it works

Create targeted advertising campaigns and acquire leads through WiFi monetisation.

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Ensure relevant and high impact ads for your target audience.

Mobile and Responsive

Fully responsive with mobile and desktop devices

Bidding Platform

Ensures that you get the best pay out from advertisers, either via CPC or CPM

Realtime Reporting

See what’s happening in your venue as you like it, remotely

Smart Local Targeting

Filter your campaigns via age, gender, or location based on your system data

Mutiple Ad Types

Use different ad types such as coupons, visit website, video play, or app download

Set Budget

Spend the right amount per campaign by budgeting credits daily or monthly

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