The Best Connected Technology

Tomizone is the premier provider of connectivity, analytics and location based services and software to enterprises, brands and public venues. We connect our customers to consumers through meaningful digital experiences within the Internet of Things.

Maximise in-venue consumer engagement through Lightswitch Connect


Seamless onboarding through customised splash pages and access journeys

Analytics & Insights

Collection of valuable data for insights into consumer preferences and trends

Location Based Services

Understand user flows and maximise the in-venue experience


Social Login

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram credentials used for seamless login

Customisable Experiences

Use the Drag & Drop Editor or the HTML5 Editor to create branded user experiences based on customer demographic information or interests, or venue

Supporting All Users

Users enjoy connectivity regardless of device, with the portal being supported in over 22 languages.


Improve Reach

Use emails and SMS messages and alerts to engage with your consumers in real time, based on behaviour and demographics, or follow-up afterwards

Referral Marketing

Utilise referral marketing to increase monetisation and drive a return-on-investment

Relevant Offers

Customer based information drives real time couponing and relevant offers


Detailed dashboard enabling marketing teams and venue managers to maximise ROI, with valuable customer data including demographics, interests and preferences from social login

Usage Data

Time, data consumption, frequency, device type, operating system, network usage, including user browsing behaviour

Dashboard WiFi Management Software

Real Time Live data across all of your sites, all of the time to make real-time data driven decisions.

Usage Data

Time, data consumption, frequency, device type, operating system, network usage, including user browsing behaviour

Location Based Services


Provide information about the venue, services and current promotional offers with targeted and highly relevant marketing communications and wayfinding

Advanced Location Data

Collect data on customer dwell, geo-fenced footfall counts and heat mapping showing customer flow and concentrations.

Revenue Management

Increase revenue by measuring footfall against product placement, send real time promotions to customers as they move around your venue



Connection with Salesforce and other leading CRMs through the API

Third Party Data Sources

Connection with the numerous 3rd party data sources or physical IoT devices, overlay Census Data, Weather and other free public or private paid data sources

Enterprise Grade Deployment and Management

Hardware Agnostic

Completely hardware agnostic, over the top solution utilising existing network

Secure Network Management

Enabling Provisioning, Network Management, and compliance with data governance and protection policies

Support and Service

Offering Online, Email and Phone Support, including 24/7 support and Dedicated Account Management

Seamless connectivity for your customers, rich analytics and insights for your business