About | Tomizone

About Tomizone

Tomizone is an ASX listed technology company (ASX:TOM) which help business, venues and brands connect to consumers through meaningful digital experiences within the Internet of Things.

Market Leading
Product Suite

Tomizone’s market leading product suite begins Lightswitch, a subscription based SaaS platform to manage connectivity, capture analytics and utilise location based services services. Lightswitch is easily deployed, as an “Over-the-top” solution utilising existing Wifi hardware are networks.

Enterprise Grade Solutions
across all verticals

Tomizone offers enterprise grade solutions, focusing on the accommodation, transportation & hubs, retail, metro & campus, and hospitality verticals — while expanding into new verticals where digital engagement becomes increasingly critical for venues.

Growing Footprint

Tomizone has grown to cater to an impressive suite of enterprise clients, managing millions of user driven sessions per year in a variety of environments. Further growth is expected as brands and venues recognise the growing importance of in-venue engagement.